I had been battling with fibromyalgia for about 12 years. It is severe body aches all over and stabbing pains and burning between the shoulder blades and also in my hips periodically. Also a sleep disorder comes along with it, so if you are sleep deprived it is even worse and I would also occasionally get migraine headaches and suffer from depression. Sometimes it would lessen but it was always there nagging at me. I had a hard time moving and exercising because of the pain so I gained weight. I have been asking the Lord to heal me and my friends have been praying for my healing. God had touched me before so I know He heals, I was just waiting for the manifestation of my healing.

I head heard about the Healing Rooms in Watertown and I had a good friend who had severe back pain, so I wanted to bring her there for prayer. While she was filling out the paper work, she pushed one towards me and said I was to get prayer also for the fibromyalgia. I hadn’t planned on getting prayer because of my concern for her. So I filled out the paper work and went into the Healing Room. She was prayed for and received a mighty touch by God and soaked in His presence, and then it was my turn.

The prayer team began to pray for me. I felt the Lord begin to show me different things in my life that I needed to let go of. The team encouraged me that the burdens were not for me to carry, and that I was bent over with burdens. As the Lord was showing me, I felt burdens, guilt, and shame leave. When I was sharing with the intercessors the pain went away. I did not speak of this for three weeks because I wanted to walk in the healing and deliverance before sharing what the Lord had done for me. I have been completely free of all symptoms of fibromyalgia, and I am praising God for my healing. A side benefit of being able to move is that I have lost 17 pounds. Hallelujah.

Herpes Virus

A young woman came in who had a herpes virus for 18 years. She felt guilt about it. She sought forgiveness for past sins. As we prayed it appeared that nothing had happened. Three days later, by the power of God, the symptoms of the viral infection were gone and have not returned.

Geographic Tongue

A seven year old came in with her mother. The young girl had geographic tongue. She had the condition for six months and had visited three doctors. The prognosis was always the same - there was nothing that could be done. About three days after receiving prayer the Lord restored her tongue to normal, and the problem has not returned.


A young man came in with a migraine. It was so bad that he was losing feeling in his hands. While at the prayer rooms, he vomited. After prayer the Lord healed him of the migraine. Upon returning home, he was able to play with his children, without the fatigue that usually accompanies a migraine.


A lady came in with a migraine that had occurred during work. Usually she would develop one every couple of weeks. After prayer she regained her energy. The Lord has set her free, and the migraines have not returned.

Pain Stiff neck

A man came in who was taking pain medication for a neck problem. He returned the next week telling us the Lord’s healing had enabled him to stop taking the pain medication. In addition he had spent Saturday doing physical work for his church. On Sunday of that week he experienced slight stiffness in the neck, but the pain did not return.


In May a lady came in who was suffering from allergies. The following Saturday we spoke with her (it was a wet spring with a great deal of pollen). She shared that the Lord had touched her, she had stopped taking her allergy medicine, and she was able to breathe freely.

Slipped Disc

A man came in with a slipped disc. After prayer he visited a doctor. The next week he returned and informed us that the Lord had returned his disc to normal.

Lack of sleep, depression

A man came in who was not able to sleep, and was suffering from depression. The healing team encouraged him to put his cares in the hands of the Lord, and allow the Lord to lead him “beside still waters.” The following week he came in to tell us that he had slept well all week. He was going to visit his doctor to reduce the amount of anti-depressant he was taking.

Rheumatoid Arthritis

A lady came in with rheumatoid arthritis. After receiving prayer, she was able to move without pain. She saw one of the volunteers the following week. She was praising the Lord, as the pain had not returned.

Back Pain

We prayed for a man who had had a hip replacement. Because of that, there was constant pain in his back. After receiving prayer, he stated that the Lord had taken away the pain. When asked to do something he could not do before, he was able to bend and touch his toes. It had been two years since he could do that.